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Artificial Intelligence in Interior Design: Revolutionary Changes or Sinister Conspiracy?

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Artificial Intelligence in Interior Design: Revolutionary Changes or Sinister Conspiracy?

Let's take a glimpse into the future of housing design and try to imagine how our living spaces will change in two decades. In a world where technology is advancing at a rapid pace and our notions of comfort and functionality are constantly evolving, the interiors of our apartments will undoubtedly undergo significant transformations.

Technologies and Innovations

There is no doubt that technological innovations will be at the forefront of the evolution of interior design. Smart homes are already becoming commonplace, but in 20 years, they will become even smarter. Artificial intelligence will control everything - from climate control to security systems and lighting. Voice assistants will become more advanced, capable of understanding and executing complex commands. Just imagine being able to change the interior of a room with a single phrase or gesture.

Flexibility of Space

The spaces in future apartments will be highly flexible. Walls and partitions will learn to change their configuration: they will be able to fold, extend, or become completely invisible. This will allow for easy adaptation of the space for different tasks - work, relaxation, or entertainment. Furniture will also undergo a transformation - it will become modular and multifunctional. You will be able to turn a workstation into a dining area or lower a bed directly from the ceiling.

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness

Future design will not be complete without considering environmental sustainability. Materials used for finishes will become even more environmentally friendly: natural components, complete recycling, and minimal emissions during production will be mandatory characteristics. Plants will be integrated into the interior not just as decorative elements, but as part of the functionality - for air purification or food cultivation.

Interactivity and Personalization

Design will be aimed at creating a deep personal experience for each user. With the help of augmented reality (AR), you will be able to change the textures of walls or the colors of interior objects according to your mood. Software for personalizing spaces will allow for the preservation of profiles of different users and automatically adjust the space to their current preferences.

Spaces for Co-living

Apartments will be designed in a way that promotes communal living and interaction among people. Each individual's personal space will be preserved through thoughtful zoning, but communal areas will encourage socialization and collaboration among residents.


The transformation of apartment design is not only a result of technological advancements but also a reflection of changing demands for comfort and functionality in our living spaces. As we prepare for the future in twenty years, we can only be certain of one thing: our living spaces will be enriched by technological innovations, environmentally friendly materials, and flexible structures. Such a vision unveils the curtain of time and makes us marvel at the possibilities of the upcoming changes in our everyday living environment.

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