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5 Amazing Rental Apartments: Affordable Design Ideas That Won't Break the Bank!

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5 Amazing Rental Apartments: Affordable Design Ideas That Won't Break the Bank!

Budget Renovation: Mission Possible?

Rental Apartments: Making your dream renovation a reality in just a few months and for only 6000 Euros seems impossible? But it can be done! Here are three examples from professionals that will show you how to freshen up your living space without significant expenses and make it attractive for tenants. Take note of the experts' advice and turn your home into a desirable property on the real estate market!

Space Optimization in a Small Apartment

Baltic Job Service OÜ took on the challenge of designing a compact living space. They transformed a mere 32 square meters into a cozy two-bedroom apartment. When selecting finishing materials, price and durability were prioritized. The walls were painted, the floor was fitted with laminate, and ceramic tiles in calm tones were chosen for the kitchen area. In order to minimize costs, a combination of paint and ceramic tiles was used in the bathroom.

Space Optimization: Two-bedroom Apartment, 32 sqm

In search of cost savings, furniture was chosen based on affordability and price. For example, a foldable sofa from IKEA allowed for an increase in sleeping space for up to four people, including the bed in the bedroom.

Project Details

Discover how we transformed a small living space into a functional area without overspending.

Innovations in a Standard One-bedroom Apartment, 27.5 sqm

One-bedroom Apartment Renovation

The company was hired to increase the value of a small apartment in a short amount of time, with a budget of 5800 Euros.

Material Savings:

  • Walls: Instead of leveling, minimal preparation and painting were chosen.
  • Repair and Interior
  • Savings: To reduce expenses, electrical cables were installed on the surface of the walls, avoiding the need for grooves and finishing.
  • Furniture Update: The previous owners' furniture was transformed by updating its color and purpose.
  • Kitchen Space: Instead of upper cabinets, more minimalist solutions were chosen, and the kitchen backsplash was made of an unconventional height.

Space Optimization

In a 44-square-meter two-room apartment, compact furniture was used, eliminating upper cabinets to create a sense of spaciousness. The interior of a typical two-room apartment was quickly arranged with pre-existing renovations. The wall color was kept calm, and light furniture with bright black elements was chosen. The interior is dominated by minimalism, with no unnecessary items, which reduced costs. In the kitchen, stylish shelves were chosen instead of cabinets. This modern and versatile style helped find a tenant quickly - the apartment was occupied just a couple of days after the renovation by a young man.

Space Optimization in a Small Apartment

Baltic Job Service OÜ, design experts, renovated an apartment for rent. With a budget of 4000 Euros, they created a bright interior with the addition of green-toned accents. The use of textiles and unique decorations gave the apartment a special touch.

An Economical Approach to Reimagining the Entryway

Instead of standard furniture in a small entryway, a corner for clothing was created in a recess in the wall, covered with a fabric curtain.

A Miniature Apartment - Maximum Coziness

4500 Euros were allocated for transforming a modest apartment into a modern and stylish space. An atmosphere of hospitality was created with bright accents, while the apartment remained fully functional for living or renting.

Interior Refresh Without Major Renovations

Without extensive remodeling or mess, the apartment's interior was refreshed within budget. Existing elements, including paintable wallpaper, laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, and electrical fixtures, were preserved. The decor was chosen in universal shades, complemented by a statement sofa as the central element. The wall in the relaxation area was transformed into a multifunctional corner with a wall-mounted console for the TV and shelves with carefully selected bases. Instead of ordering custom-sized cabinets, two ready-made modules measuring 100 and 170 cm were combined. The design was completed by choosing handles that harmonize with the style of the room.

In conclusion, we have explored five stunning rental apartment options that prove creating a stylish and cozy space doesn't have to be expensive. The use of creative approaches, such as multifunctional furniture, DIY interior elements, or repurposing old items, can significantly reduce expenses while giving your home a unique character. The most important thing is your willingness to experiment and a little imagination! I hope these ideas inspire you to make changes in your approach to apartment decor and help you create an attractive interior without unnecessary costs.

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