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Revealing the Secret: What Interior Style Do Tenants in Tallinn Prefer? A Facebook Survey Unveiled Surprising Results!

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Revealing the Secret: What Interior Style Do Tenants in Tallinn Prefer? A Facebook Survey Unveiled Surprising Results!

A recent survey was conducted to determine the preferences of apartment tenants in Tallinn regarding interior style. The survey was organized in a popular Facebook group dedicated to renting apartments in this beautiful European city, which has a membership of 38,000 people.

Survey Organization Process

Igor Volkov, the administrator of the group "RENT RENT RENT APARTMENT ROOM TALLINN" (link: and a real estate agent (link:, pondered over which interior design solutions are most in demand among modern young people and other residents of the city who rent apartments. The survey was launched for active group participants and conducted among a wide audience, which allowed for representative results.

Survey Results

The survey responses revealed a clear preference for styles such as Scandinavian, minimalism, classic, and high-tech. The results of the answers in descending order demonstrate the following picture:

  1. Scandinavian style - the leader among preferences. The distinguishing features of this style are light tones, simplicity of forms, and the presence of a large amount of natural light. This creates an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity, which is particularly appreciated after a busy workday.
  2. Minimalism - took an honorable second place. The desire for a minimal amount of furniture and decorative elements, clean lines, and functional space are the key characteristics of this style.
  3. Classic style - occupies the third position in the ranking. Eternal classics will always have their fans thanks to its traditional charm and elegance.
  4. High-tech - completes the list of the most popular interior styles among rented apartments in Tallinn. High-tech implies the use of the latest technological advancements and often attracts fans of modern design and innovative solutions.

Conclusions and Importance for Property Owners

This data can be extremely useful for apartment owners who want to increase the attractiveness of their properties for potential tenants. Taking into account people's opinions on what they value in the interior of living space when choosing it, one can adjust accordingly to market demands.

Considering the popularization of "northern" design trends - Scandinavian style and minimalism - there is a need to reconsider approaches to room decoration. Having such data allows us to think about creating an interior that will not only stand out favorably against other real estate offerings but also meet current requirements for comfort and coziness for potential tenants.

The survey in Tallinn provides a clear understanding of the current requirements for interior design for successful property rental - information that will undoubtedly be useful to all interested parties, whether they are professional designers or apartment owners looking for ways to improve the occupancy of their residential portfolio.

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