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Interior Design of the 70s

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Interior Design of the 70s

The 1970s was a time when interior design began to actively transform, reflecting the ever-changing spirit of the era. In the Soviet Union and beyond, the revolution in apartment design brought new forms, colors, and materials, creating a unique look of that time.

Color Scheme

One of the key features of 70s design is the bold use of color. Bright, vibrant shades were popular: orange, emerald and ultramarine variations of green, and the many nuances of brown. It was a time of experimentation with freedom and self-expression, which clearly influenced the color preferences in interiors.

Furniture and Accessories

The furniture of that era was functional and ergonomic. The modular principle gained special popularity - furniture could easily be transformed and combined to create maximum convenience. The shapes became more rounded and organic, with plastic, metal, and environmentally friendly materials frequently used.

Special attention was given to accessories: wall panels, various lamps of unusual shapes, and textiles with geometric or psychedelic patterns. Carpets with intricate patterns or high-pile monotone ones were widely used to add comfort and warmth.

Technologies and Innovations

The 70s also marked the heyday of technological progress in everyday life. Elements of "smart home" began to appear in apartment design, such as centralized lighting control systems or the first electronic clocks.


The typical layout of a 70s apartment involved dividing the living space into functional zones. The kitchen was equipped with the latest models of household appliances, and the living room often merged with the dining area, promoting family and guest interaction. Children's rooms became more autonomous, reflecting the desire for personal space among the younger generation.

Connection with Nature

The idea of harmony with nature also actively entered the interior design of the 70s. Elements of greenery, such as a large number of houseplants or balcony areas transformed into green oases, became an integral part of living spaces.


The design of 70s apartments is a bright page in the history of interior design. It symbolizes an era of change and a desire for freedom of self-expression both in life and in the surrounding living environment. Despite the passing decades, elements of that time continue to inspire modern designers as a reminder of the rapid development of aesthetic concepts of comfort and cozy living.

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