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A January Tale: How I Found My Three-Room Dream

The Path to the Dream Home
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A January Tale: How I Found My Three-Room Dream

One winter evening in January in Tallinn, I sat at the table, reminiscing about my challenging journey in search of housing. It was already 10 p.m., dark and cold, and the frost was certainly not my ally on this January evening. Every 14th of the month reminded me of the need to pay rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Tallinn.

My mind was filled with dreams of a three-room apartment that would transform my life. 68 square meters, including a balcony. Warm, bright rooms that I had seen in a video on the YouTube channel "Real Estate in Tallinn." Since watching that video, the image of this apartment never left me.

One morning, on a beautiful January day, I discovered an unexpected deposit in my bank account. It was a bonus for my efforts amounting to 3,350 euros for many years of hard work! These were not just symbolic words, but real money that significantly improved my financial situation.

It was gratifying to realize that my company values its employees who have been working for ten years or more. Not everyone liked the new rewards system, but for me, it was recognition and gratitude for my dedication to the company.

With each passing year, I noticed an increase in rental rates. One-bedroom apartments that used to cost 250 euros were now valued at 370 euros and above. The prices for three-room apartments had also significantly risen.

Such was my journey in search of housing in Tallinn. It was a long road, full of changes and surprises. But despite all the difficulties, I found a place in this world that became my home. The 3,350 euros inspired me to take the first steps towards acquiring my dream - a three-room apartment, and I gathered the necessary amount for the down payment in the bank and took out a mortgage for this property.

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