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Stop searching, start living: a guide to buying your dream home

The Path to the Dream Home / Cheat sheet for shoppers
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Stop searching, start living: a guide to buying your dream home

The beginning of the journey to your own corner.

The first step towards buying a home is not paperwork, but a dream. It is born deep in the soul when we imagine the perfect place to live. We strive to create a space where we want to return every evening, where every corner is filled with warmth and comfort. It is a place that draws us even when we are away from home, and where we find the strength and inspiration to love life.

The basics of buying the perfect home

Before starting the search for the perfect apartment, it is important to deeply understand your needs and desires. Self-awareness is the key to a successful purchase. Determine what is most important to you in your dream home and build a plan based on these criteria. Self-discovery will help you find housing that harmonizes with your lifestyle and goals.

Choosing between antiquity and modernity

If you are drawn to the atmosphere of the past and appreciate the uniqueness of historic neighborhoods, then an old building in the city center is what you need. You will not regret investing resources to settle among centuries-old walls.

Modern living space

In the case when you prefer everything that shines with novelty and is filled with freshness, your choice is housing in a new building. Picturesque new neighborhoods with clean energy await you, and you will happily breathe life into them, becoming the first owner of your own corner.

Housing options

For those who prefer coziness:

  • If you like stability and do not want to waste time on going up, as well as avoid heights, then your choice is an apartment in a low-rise building.

Panoramic lovers:

  • For those who dream of living among the clouds and admire floor-to-ceiling views, it is worth considering apartments on the top floors of skyscrapers.

Lovers of tranquility:

  • If you value peace and do not want to deal with a large number of neighbors, pay attention to houses with a limited number of residents or even club houses with special living conditions.

The most important thing in choosing a home

If your goal is to save money, but at the same time you want to achieve personal goals, affordable apartment options may be suitable. Inexpensive housing can be an ideal temporary solution for young people. There is no shame in that. The main conclusion is that the better you understand your aspirations and desires, the more likely you are to find a home that brings you joy.

Interaction between a person and a home

Unusually, but proven over time: homes "choose" their owners. An invisible exchange of energies takes place between them and their inhabitants. An experienced realtor senses these nuances, helping clients find a suitable place to live. He feels when the home and the person are "on the same wavelength" and when they are not.

Harmony between owner and property

There must be a pleasant connection between the owner and the home, otherwise the sale cannot take place, even with sufficient funds. In case of establishing harmony, a deal can be concluded, despite financial difficulties.

Practical example

In 2019, I offered a spacious 3-room apartment for sale for 85,000 euros in the Lasnamäe district, with excellent renovation and a building from the 90s.

Young couple looking for housing

During the viewing of the expensive apartment, a young family of programmers appeared. Despite their modest appearance, they mentioned having saved 10,000 euros and having been approved for a mortgage of 79,000 euros from SEB bank. Although the amounts were not enough for the purchase, they were so drawn to the apartment that they were willing to do anything to acquire it.

Reassessing possibilities

Initially, I tried to convince them of the impracticality of mortgage payments of 250 euros, especially considering the presence of three children. My goal was to find them more suitable housing. But their decision was firm - they chose that particular apartment. Later, they called to express their gratitude, noting that I helped them expand their perception of possibilities. These words are significant for any professional. My motto, reflected on my business card, is "Allow yourself more!" and it found confirmation in this case.

Challenging Real Estate Deals

Clients come to me on the recommendation of acquaintances, knowing my reputation as a solver of complex cases. Many years in the business and grateful reviews have created my brand, simply Igor Volkov, a realtor from Tallinn. Once I had the opportunity to work with a unique property.

A new family project

Recently, I met with clients who warmly welcomed me into their home atmosphere and openness. They talked about their plans to expand their housing due to a growing family with three children. The purchased land for building a house required financing, so they decided to sell their spacious apartment for 110,000 euros. The plan was to buy a smaller apartment for 76-89,000 euros and allocate the remaining funds for the construction of a new home.

Rethinking the comforts of life

Observing the family, I realized that reducing their accustomed level of comfort would be a mistake. Why deprive them of their gated space, concierge service, children's play area, and parking? They were accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and depriving them of it could cause stress. Despite their desire to move into unconventional housing that clearly did not match their way of life, I felt that I had to take action. I had the power to work miracles, and I was ready for a new challenge.

Property Update

I had at my disposal a 300 sqm house in Kehla, which belonged to my clients from Germany and had not yet been put up for sale. After making a deal with the owner, I offered it to interested buyers. Located just a quarter hour away from their place of residence, the house was an attractive offer due to its affordable price of 170,000 euros at the time, following the crisis in Estonia, and minor finishing touches. The buyers gladly agreed, as they were getting a larger living space without the need for renovation and a long wait, fulfilling their dream of spacious housing..

Successful Real Estate Deals

My clients, the second sellers, successfully sold their property. The third clients were looking for a 3-room apartment near the Kalev swimming pool for the convenience of going for swimming training. Their requirements perfectly matched the offer from the first clients after inspecting the property and reviewing all the documents. In addition, their children attended the same kindergarten and school. An incredible coincidence of circumstances!

Deal Success

This unique experience confirms that when people's desires align, energy flows through me, creating synergy. My advice to clients is simple: understand what you want, formulate goals and objectives. Collaborate with me and trust the process. The universe will respond! Call it magic or intuition, but the most important thing is the result.

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