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Discover the new trend: branded real estate abroad is becoming a hit!

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Discover the new trend: branded real estate abroad is becoming a hit!

In recent times, there has been an increasing talk about investing in real estate abroad as a way to put money into branded properties - the so-called branded real estate. This term encompasses properties that are associated with a certain level of luxury, exclusivity, and, of course, well-known names in the world of design and architecture.

Branded real estate: what you need to know

Branded real estate is a special class of housing that combines various factors. Among them are:

  • Architectural name: Buildings are designed by renowned architects or architectural firms, which in itself gives the property a status.
  • Interior design: Interiors are also developed by recognized designers or design studios.
  • Location: Properties are usually located in prestigious areas of cities or on the beachfront.
  • Services and amenities: This type of real estate often includes concierge services, spa centers, fitness clubs, and other perks.

Why is branded real estate attractive to investors?

Capital growth

The prospect of increasing value is one of the key reasons for purchasing branded real estate. Thanks to their association with well-known brand names, these properties appreciate much faster than regular residential areas.


The limited availability of such offerings in the market creates excess demand, making each unit of real estate unique and profitable for resale or rental.


Owning branded real estate is not only an investment but also a symbol of status, emphasizing the success of its owner.

Quality of execution

Design work is carried out to the highest professional standards in terms of both interior design and architecture.

Examples of international branded real estate

Residential complexes from companies like Four Seasons or Armani/Casa are typical examples of branded luxury residential real estate. Collaborations with design celebrities such as Philippe Starck or Zaha Hadid Architects add significant value to these types of projects.


In conclusion, investing in branded real estate requires significant initial investment, but the income potential seems promising due to the exclusivity associated with established brand names. Whether it's integration with a luxury hotel or a location in the heart of Milan's fashionable district, each property promises to be not only a place for comfortable living but also a gateway to the world of high investments and prosperity.

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