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Mistakes When Renting Your First Apartment That Could Bankrupt You! Read to Avoid Financial Disasters!

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Mistakes When Renting Your First Apartment That Could Bankrupt You! Read to Avoid Financial Disasters!

The Beginning of Independence: Keys to Renting. As you enter the era of independence with your first own corner, it is important to realize the burden of responsibilities that come with it. Becoming a responsible tenant and maintaining the rented property in perfect condition is what the "Eluks valmis!" electronic guide teaches. It will guide you through the process of creating a flawless contract and provide substantial recommendations.

Efficient Housing Choice: Avoid unnecessary expenses by renting a home directly from the owner, without any commissions or additional fees. Explore local Facebook groups for rentals, in addition to other platforms (City24,, kinnisvara24,,, to find the perfect accommodation.

When choosing an agent to help you find a rental, carefully check their reputation to avoid deception. The necessary information is available on the agency's website. Does the apartment meet my needs? Before signing the contract, make sure to inspect the property, as there are dishonest agents who offer non-existent options to enrich themselves.

Before renting, check the condition of the property and furniture, and then ask the landlord аbout:

  • The type of neighbors: Are they quiet or noisy?
  • The cost of utilities in summer and winter.
  • The maintenance of the entrance.
  • The calculation of heating costs: based on the area or consumption?

The amount of the deposit is important. Don't forget about monthly payments for utilities. These include payments for water, electricity, heating, television, internet, phone, and insurance. On average, in a two-room apartment, utility costs in summer will range from 60 to 120 euros, and in winter from 140 to 210 euros. The cost varies depending on the condition of the house and resource consumption.

Before moving into the rented accommodation, clarify with the owner the previous payments for the apartment to calculate your monthly budget. Save money for winter during the summer. Contents of the rental agreement: The key to protecting the tenant's rights is a carefully drafted contract. It should clearly state the address of the property being rented or, in the case of a partial rental, include a floor plan.

All details about the apartment's appearance and the furniture and equipment it contains should be clearly stated in the rental document. When the rental period expires, the tenant is obliged to return everything to its original condition, excluding natural wear and tear. To avoid future conflicts, it is advisable to attach photos of the property to the document.

It is important to clearly specify the duration of the rental and the rules for terminating it in the text of the rental agreement. It is possible to rent the property for a fixed period with a specified end date or without one. Legally, a contract with a fixed term provides more certainty, as both parties to the agreement are aware of its duration.

When renting an apartment for an unlimited period, both parties have the right to terminate the contract by notifying each other at least 30 days in advance. Here are the key aspects in the context of legal norms:

  • Starting from 2021, tenants may agree to contribute to the repair fund, which was previously not allowed. The landlord can also assign the tenant to pay other expenses related to the maintenance and improvement of the living space.

Changes in the cost of long-term rentals: In the case of a long-term rental, the owner has the right to increase the rent once a year (monthly for furnished premises) by notifying the tenant one month in advance. The price should increase taking into account the market situation or the owner's increased costs.

The rental agreement may include clauses regarding fines or incidental expenses, such as penalties of up to 0.7% per day for each day of delay in paying the amount due. A fine is not imposed for late payment, but it is possible for other violations, such as damaging the premises. Penalties apply if they are agreed upon in advance.

In addition to the usual termination of the lease, it can be terminated immediately if the tenant or landlord seriously violates the terms and conditions. However, not every violation allows for this. For example, a payment delay of more than two months can be grounds for such termination.

Often, tenants cover the costs of brokerage services, although this is negotiated separately. Many aspects of renting, including contract signing, preparing for unexpected circumstances, equipment maintenance, and first aid kit contents, are covered in the "Eluks valmis!" electronic guide.

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