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How much did houses cost in Harju County in 2023?

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How much did houses cost in Harju County in 2023?

In 2023, the real estate market in Harju County continued to develop, adapting to changing economic conditions and buyer preferences. Harju County, one of the largest administrative centers in the country, and particularly its capital, Tallinn, attracted special attention from both local residents and foreign investors.

Price Trends

The exact prices for private houses in Harju County in 2023 varied depending on the location, condition of the property, and several other factors. On average, house prices started at around €100,000 for more modest offerings outside the capital, and went up to €500,000 and higher for modern or properties located in more prestigious areas.

House Characteristics

Houses sold at lower prices usually had modest sizes, around 80-100 square meters of total living space on plots ranging from 500 to 1000 square meters. Most of them were over 20 years old and required some renovation or modernization.

In the higher price range, one could find houses ranging from 150 to 250 square meters with plots of several thousand square meters. These properties often had a modern or renovated interior, additional amenities such as a sauna, fireplace, terrace, or swimming pool, as well as a favorable location - for example, by the sea or near major transportation arteries.

Average Cost and Dependency on Area

Not surprisingly, the highest prices were observed within the city of Tallinn and its suburbs. The districts of Kesklinn (Center), Pirita, or Nõmme are known for their comfortable living conditions: they have a large number of high-quality schools, various social infrastructure, and accessibility to public transportation. In these areas, prices for private houses jumped to values of €300,000-700,000 euros.

Despite the differences throughout Harju County, a general trend is evident: the demand for comfortable housing increases its cost. The relevance of environmentally friendly areas with a good ecosystem also plays a role in determining the final cost of housing.

The desired compromise between distance from the city and living comfort makes areas a few hours' drive from Tallinn quite popular for purchasing housing. It is here that one can find more affordable options for those who are willing to spend time commuting or who work remotely.

Analyzing the market situation of the past year, 2023, it can be concluded that investments in private homeownership remain a relevant and promising direction for personal use, as well as for subsequent resale or rental activities.

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