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Key points when renting a property

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Key points when renting a property

Renting a property in the capital of Estonia can be beneficial and comfortable. However, for foreigners, it can also be challenging due to unfamiliar practices and legislation. With its unique combination of urban architectural infrastructure and digitalized economy, Tallinn is an attractive place to live and work. Here are key points to know when renting property in Tallinn.

Understanding the Market

The real estate market in Tallinn offers a variety of housing options, from modern apartments to historical buildings in the Old Town. Rental prices depend on the location, quality, and size of the property. The average rental rate can vary significantly depending on the city district.

Property Search

Utilize local resources such as online platforms (,,, social networks, and newspapers. Consider using the services of a real estate agency, as it can greatly facilitate finding a suitable option.

Contract Agreement

The rental agreement is of paramount importance. It should be drafted in Estonian (bilingual versions may sometimes be available). It is crucial to carefully read all the conditions before signing, ensuring awareness of the rights and obligations of both parties.


It is common practice to require a deposit for the rented property. Typically, this is an amount equivalent to up to three months' rent. The deposit serves as insurance in case of property damage or payment delays.

Utility Payments

Utility costs are usually not included in the rental price. It is necessary to clarify all the details of utility payments with the property owner before signing the contract. During winter, utility payments can significantly increase due to heating requirements.

Right to Work

Tallinn is a haven for those who value fast internet connection and digital infrastructure - fundamental components for remote work or freelancing.

Immigration Processes

You should familiarize yourself with information about your right to stay in the country and the relevant immigration processes.


Home insurance is another factor to consider when arranging a rental agreement. Special attention should be given to the conditions of the insurance policy regarding coverage for possible damages or accidents.

Adaptation to Life

The importance of a good understanding of the local way of life and cultural peculiarities cannot be underestimated for successful adaptation to a new environment.

In conclusion, with a thorough approach to the process of searching and arranging property in Tallinn, you can avoid numerous pitfalls. Dedicate sufficient time to studying the market, proper legal procedures, and establishing connections with local residents - all of this will contribute to a positive living experience in this stunning Baltic city.

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