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This document "Privacy Policy of Personal Data" (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy) is an agreement between the domain (hereinafter referred to as the Blog Site) and the individual accessing this resource through the internet (hereinafter referred to as the User) regarding the rules for ensuring the confidentiality of personal information and data.

The Privacy Policy text may be modified at the discretion of the portal. The current Privacy Policy is published on the page (

The rules specified in this Privacy Policy are only valid for the Blog and do not apply to third-party websites linked on the Blog Site by third parties (other Users, advertisers, etc.).

By default, the User's use of the Site's resources is considered as the User's agreement to the rules stated in this text and the obligation to adhere to them strictly. A User who refuses to comply with the rules of this Privacy Policy must immediately leave the Site and refrain from further use of the Site.

User's Personal Information

This Privacy Policy defines the following types of user's personal dаta:

  • Information voluntarily provided by the User on the Site: name, phone number, and email address;
  • User data collected by the Site automatically using technical means without the User's involvement: IP address, information about the browser used, time of visit to the Site, cookies, etc.

The User can voluntarily prevent the automatic collection of some personal data by using technical means to protect personal data on their PC (or other internet access device). However, implementing such restrictions on the Site's operation may cause incorrect display of the Site's content and make it more difficult for the User to access and work with the Site's resources. By default, the User's use of such restrictions is considered as the User's agreement to the possible consequences and excludes any claims from the User to the Blog Site of broker Igor Volkov regarding potential limitations or inconvenience in using the Site's resources.

Use of User's Personal Information

Within the framework of this Privacy Policy, the User's personal data may be used by the Site for the following purposes:

  • Using user's location data to optimize search results on the site's database;
  • Providing feedback to the user when necessary;
  • Sending thematic newsletters, notifications of new articles or announcements to the User with their consent, corresponding to the User's previous search queries on the site-blog;
  • Providing technical and advisory support to the User when necessary;

Conditions of Confidentiality of Personal Information

Ensuring the confidentiality of the User's personal data is of paramount importance for the site, and therefore, all available and necessary measures are taken by the site to fulfill this task. All personal information provided by the User is accepted by the site as reliable and does not require any additional checks by the web resource

In case of unauthorized disclosure of the User's personal data due to the Site's fault, the Site undertakes to immediately inform the User about the disclosure. Information disclosed due to the User's fault or with their direct consent (before appearing in the site's database or after) is not considered confidential for the web resource.

The site may decide to disclose the User's confidential information to authorized government authorities by court order and in accordance with the current legislation.

Additional Terms of the Privacy Policy

All issues and disputes arising in the relationship between the Site and the User within this Privacy Policy are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of Estonia.

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