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Articles about real estate in Estonia » Promising areas for investment » Generous districts of Tallinn: where money is lying right on the street?

Generous districts of Tallinn: where money is lying right on the street?

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Generous districts of Tallinn: where money is lying right on the street?

Let's figure out which districts of Tallinn are preferable for real estate investments and what is better - buying an apartment with or without renovation.

Real Estate Market Analysis in Tallinn

According to real estate market analysis, an important factor is the current situation in the secondary housing market and new developments. New developments provide investors with more modern residential complexes that have a high demand for resale. However, despite the high quality standards of new projects, the secondary market is still popular due to its affordability and location in established neighborhoods.

Districts of Tallinn for Investments

Kesklinn - the central district of the city, always in demand due to its proximity to the business center and cultural life. Its location makes it one of the safest investments, whether you are buying a new development or a "seasoned" apartment.

Kristiine and Nõmme are popular due to their reasonable distance from the center and a variety of real estate options. Here you can find both renovated apartments in pre-revolutionary buildings and modern apartments.

Pirita is a district for those who prefer to invest in prestigious housing. Pirita offers a comfortable living environment close to nature while still being relatively close to the city center.

On the other hand, as Tallinn expands, there is growing interest in the suburbs - Lasnamäe, Mustamäe, which give investors a chance for profitable investments due to more affordable prices with a well-thought-out approach.

With or Without Renovation?

Experts' opinions on this choice are divided. On the one hand, buying an apartment without renovation may be more advantageous for investing additional funds in modernization and subsequent resale at a higher price. On the other hand, renovated apartments are generally more ready for sale or rent from the moment of acquisition.

Investors' experience shows that time is a key factor in successful resale. Short-term strategies often rely on quick sales of renovated properties. In the case of long-term investment, it is possible to purchase cheaper properties for subsequent resale after renovation works.


In the current market conditions in Tallinn, it is important to note the following: the choice of district depends on the investment strategy and the investor's ultimate goals. Both new developments and the secondary market, as well as properties with or without renovation, have their place in the real estate market of the Estonian capital with the right approach to analyzing the current trends in urban development.

Considering all factors - district location, type of housing (new development or secondary market), condition of the property (with or without renovation) - the choice will be directed towards the optimal balance between time spent and income received from the sale of the property.

Finding a balance between these elements is the task of each individual investor; thorough pre-analysis helps minimize risks and ensure maximum return on investment.

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